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Pisanki  "Written" Eggs for Easter March 31
  The name Pisanki comes form the Polish
verb pisac, "to write." The eggs are decorated
with many traditional Polish symbols of Easter.
Most popular are: the Lamb with Resurrection
Banner (Baranek, symbolizing the Lamb of God
from the Agnus Dei of the Catholic Mass),
pussy willow (often used instead of palms in
Poland), Cross (symbol of the Crucified
Christ), or Easter greetings, such as Wesolego
Alleluja or Alleluja. Different regions of Poland
have also developed particular geometric and
floral designs specific to those communities.
Natural dyes, such as onion skins or beets,
are often used to color eggs referred to as
I would very much like to see the genealogical
program get started and keep going.   I think more
and more people are investigating their heritage
and want to pass it on to future generations.  I have
done a lot of investigating in my family, doing at
least 5 families at once, and realize how important
it is to talk to people and get all the information
possible before these people pass away.  Not
knowing my father's father made that part of my
investigation very hard.  So with records at a place
like the PHC, it would make it a lot easier.
I would also like to see us get more activities at the
Festival in order to get more people to come.  
Sometimes we get in a rut with what we are doing
and need some new ideas to make it fresh again.  
With three new members on the board, I'm sure we
can get new ideas and young people to do more
Next of course is the new building.  Trying to
expand the genealogical department will need
more space, so the building will have to be big
enough to accommodate all this.  I intend to work
on getting more donations and maybe bigger ones.  
Haven't decided how to do this yet, but am working
on it.  With a bigger facility, more people should be
willing to bring in memorabilia.
My main goal for all of this, is to have all these
things for the generations to come.  We must
preserve our heritage for future generations or we
will lose everything.  Judy Welniak, President2013
Bennie & Verleen Rinkol
New Yearly Memberships
Lynn & Patti (Krolikowski) Ford

Yearly Renewal Memberships
John Maciejewski, Leonard Ruzowski,Ted Grabowski, Anthony Nykiel, Ron & Sharon
Riskowski, Leonard & Patricia Grudzinski, Ray & Lois Bartusiak, .Judith Hanzel, Dan
Shelly Hill, Dorothy Gappa, Ethel Pearson,Larry & Jane Chrastil, Carol Wells
Memorials to the Polish Heritage Center        
Doris Wesierski Memorial from Links of Independence Condominium Association
Rozie (Stanczyk) Hendricksen Memorial from Rita Lewis, Craig & Joyce Kamler, Ken
& Lois Maschka, Ervan & Marge Dzingle, Arnold & Shirley Jakubowski, Franklin &
Elaine Rozmiarek, Phyllis Piechota, Yvonne Wolinski, Jamie & Brenda Mostek, Sandra
& Roman Badura, Jim & Deloris Stanczyk, Lora & Jim Kugler, Dottie & Gary Smedra,
Dan & Susan Day, Claude & Nancy Badura, Adrianna (Badura) and Robert Davis
Ronald Krolikowski Memorial from Claude & Nancy Badura, Carl & Geri Krolikowski,
Roman & Sandra Badura, Phyllis Piechota, Gary Siwinski, Ken & Lois Maschka, Jerome
& Jeanette Siwinski.
Ralph Wardyn Memorial from Claude & Nancy Badura
Daniel & Irene (Ignowski) Dymek Memorial from Dan & Jan Dymek
John & Clara (Sawicki) Ignowski Memorial from Dan & Jan Dymek
George & Stella (Maciejewski) Dymek from Dan & J an Dymek
Linda Eilenstine Memorial from Loretta Bonczynski
Steve Dubas Memorial from Mary Ann Boryca
Virginia Pokorski recently donated to the following individual memorials: Clarence
Persak, Clarence Damratowski, Irene Dzingle, Sylvia Jakubowski, Ray Stenka,
Harry Palu, Kristine Stobbe, Brenda Jerabek, Ron Krolikowski, Mary Lou Wilson,
Paul Janulewicz, Jim Wardyn, Don Gloe, Jon Baker, Bill Gregoski
Kris (Stobbe) Memorial from Becky (Badura) & Larry Parker, Adrianna (Badura) &
Robert Davis
Gary & Joann Britton Memorial from John & Therese Hulinsky
Aaron Jerabek Memorial from Jim & Deloris Stanczyk, Phyllis Piechota
Gary & Joann Britton Memorial from John & Therese Hulinsky
Gayle Anderstrom Memorial from Claude & Nancy Badura, Phyllis Piechota

Recent Monetary Donations to the Center
Chevron $100.00 matching gift associated with employee Gertrude Gorak 's $100.00
donation in memory of her brother Fr. Stanley Gorak, $1,000 donation from Rose
Martin employee of Kraft Foods in their matching gift program. $!,OOO from the Kraft
Foods Matching gift program. $500.00 from Phillips 66 employee Patrick Piechota
Patricia Robertson $50.00
Thanks to all who have gifted the Polish Heritage Center Inc.
Articles Donated to the Polish Heritage Center
Sam & Leona Prososki have donated some very beautiful items to the Polish Heritage
Center: Enamelware (colander and teapot), a porcelain teapot with matching cups and
saucers, a large crystal bowl, and a beautiful violin that belonged to Sam's Grandfather.
All of these articles were made in Poland and are in mint condition. Thanks Leona and
Sam! Replica of the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Krakow made by Leo Rinkol
and donated by Bennie & Verleen Rinkol of Genoa. The church was built in 1993 and
displayed at the 100 year celebration.
Book My Fantastic God-Given Life By Don Sawicki, Don is a native of Ashton and now
resides in Halton City, Texas. Polish Heritage calendar (masterpieces of Polish art)
donated by Trudy Gorak. A very interesting large new and used stamp collection from
Kathy Headlee in memory of her Mother, Bertha Janulewicz, 2 Polish cookbooks
donated by Sister Agnes Marie Lewandowski sister of Phyllis Lewandowski Spanel
Vivian Damratowski $500.00, Marie Arthur $1000.00
Leonard & Esther Nowak $1500.00