Preserving the Rich Polish Heritage in the
Heart of Central Nebraska
In February of 2000,
volunteers began the task
of transforming the
former convent of  the St.
Francis Convent in
Ashton, Nebraska into the
Center's New Home.
From cubicles to classrooms....
The Center houses a collection
of Polish Language books and

Families throughout the region
have donated items from their
home libraries, including
historical photographs and
genealogy records.
The many cultural artifacts found in the Center's
museum provide educational opportunities and spawn
many reminicences.
: A traditional
Christmas Eve Wigilia
Celebration is Held
Each December.
The Center's gift shop
offers imported items
such as pottery, music
and crafts.
The annual Polish Fest in September and the Christmas
Wigilia Celebration offer traditional music, food and fun
Distinguished visitors such as Mariuz Bymora (left),  the
Polish Consulate from Chicago have been drawn to the
area by the active Polish Community found here
The Center Sponsored a group trip to Poland in 2004.  Over
40 people traveled throughout their native land.  Shown is the
town square in Krakow, which is home to the first University in
Europe.  It is the ancient capital of Poland and Warwel Castle.
Here the trumpeter of Krakow was shot through the throat with
an arrow as he attempted to warn the city of invaders.  Legend
puts a dragon along the Vistula River, who attacked passing
boats.  (Center: Chelsea Owens, Phyllis Piechota and Father
Dave Rykwalder)
Loup City Polish Days
Parade Float 2007
The Polish Heritage Center In