Join us in celebration of our Polish Heritage!
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Please accept my tax-deductible membership in the Polish Heritage
Center. (Federal I.D. #f 47-0808890)

My donation will entitle me to periodic newsletters, notification of
special events and free admission to the Center's museum and archival

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Your membership and donations are
important. Categories of support

  • Regular Membership: $10.00 per
  • Lifetime Membership: $100.00
  • Honorary Benefactor $500.00+
  • Master Benefactor $1000
  • Memorial Board Contribution:
    $100.00 (A lasting tribute to your
    loved one)
  • Special bequeaths welcome.  
    Please remember us in your Estate
The Polish Heritage Center is
incorporated with a 501C-3 status.  All
contributions are tax-deductible. Federal
ID number 47-0808890
Send to:
Polish Heritage Center Inc.
P.O. Box 3
226 Carlton Avenue
Ashton, NE 68817
Memorials & Membership -

Polish Heritage Center Memberships are available throughout the year. Lifetime
memberships are $100 .00 or $10.00 for yearly memberships.
All memberships include a subscription to our quarterly newsletter.

There are 458 memorials established at the Polish Heritage Center. When a memorial is
given, the name of each memorial is listed in the Polish Heritage Memorial Book along
with the names of the donors. Any memorials totaling $100 or more will have a name plate
engraved and put on the Memorial Board at the center. All memorials less than $100 can
be added to any time. Once a year, at the festival, a memorial mass is offered for all the
deceased. First year memorials are read before mass and in the following years they are
placed in a bulletin and remembered at the same mass. Loved ones will be remembered
year after year. We invite everyone to attend this mass.

Memorials can be sent to Polish Heritage Center Box 3 Ashton, NE 68817.
The Polish Heritage Center Inc. founded in 1997, is a nonprofit educational organization
dedicated to preserving the Polish culture and traditions in Nebraska. It is qualified as a
charitable foundation entitling donors to tax deductions for Federal Income and Estate Tax
purposes. The future and function of the Polish Heritage Center depends on funding from
individuals, businesses, corporations and grants