Defining the Polish
Legacy in Nebraska and
the world
The Polish Heritage Center was incorporated in 1997 in an effort to
preserve the ancestral language, culture and traditions of one of the
most significant immigrant groups to settle in Nebraska.  The small
village of Ashton, where the Center is located was part of a unique
planned community for early Polish immigrants. The Polish Roman
Catholic Union of America established Polish Colonies throughout
the United States. Central Nebraska was one of their successful
Since the late 1800's, communities such as Farwell, Ashton, Paplin
and Loup City have been the epicenter from which their descendants
have spread out across the nation.  Still, the area remains as having
the highest concentration of  Polish ethnicity in the nation. In their
establishment of a Polish Heritage center, both current and former
residents join in their efforts to preserve the culture of their origin.

Both geographically and culturally many of these
descendants have seen weakening in their links to
their past.  The Center began as an initiative to
re-educate both young and old in an effort to
maintain a proud heritage.  The Center is repository
of cultural artifacts such as irreplaceable books,
music and local genealogical records.  It houses early
photographs and art.  It provides a meeting place to
support the accomplishment of educational goals and

We invite you to visit the center's museum, which offers
unique displays and relics of the past.  As well, the Center
offers a glimpse into the emerging role of today's Poland.  
Cultural heritage is a living and ever-changing thing.  It is
more than a time-worn snapshot of and earlier period.  The
cultural threads which are embedded in early examples of
folk art and music, are today reflected in monumental
changes in the Polish Homeland.  One of the educational
goals of the Center is to update and transform popular
stereotypes into a broader understanding of the modern
Polish homeland and culture.  Your membership and
donations will help achieve these goals.
Polish Heritage Center
P.O. Box 3    226 Carlton Ave.
Ashton, Nebraska 68817
E-mail us  Contact Persons:
Judy Welniakk, President   402-631-9660
Mike SpotanskiVice President
Judene Jakubowski, Secretary
Vigrinia Pokorski Treasurer
Phyllis Piechota Museum tours @ gift shop

The center is located in Ashton NE. It houses a
headquarters office, museum, library, a genealogical
collection, meeting rooms and a gift shop. The building
itself is the renovated, former convent of the St Francis
Catholic Church.

Directions: From the Grand Island/Highway 281
exit of Interstate 80, proceed North 28 miles to the
town of St. Paul. At St. Paul, head west on Highway
92 for 18 miles.

Hours: The center is open to the public from
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM each Sunday and during the week
by appointment only. Please call (308) 738-2260 for
Admission:  $3.00.  Free to members. (Call for
membership information)   
Your Membership is gateway to
special events throughout the
season offer the rich tastes of a
proud past including:
Polish Fest traditional music, food and fun 2nd
Sunday of September.  

Memorial  Polka Mass for the community's
departed held in during Polishfest.

Christmas Wigilia Observance  in December,  St.
Francis Parish Hall Ashton

Artistic, musical and educational events
presented throughout the year

Quarterly Newsletters and updates of the Center's

Free access to the museum, its library and
geneological records.
Try out these special links:
Join us now in Preserving and
celebrating our Polish Heritage
The Polish Heritage Center is and outgrowth of ideas
initially put forth during the 1989 Ashton Centennial.  
Elaine Dart, a former Ashton resident, followed up on
the notion and spearheaded the long process of
bringing the Center into reality.  Through generous
donations from Dr. Phillip and Ruth Maschka, the St.
Francis convent was purchased in March of 2000.  
During the Grand Opening of the Center's permanent
home, visitors from ten states and Canada
participated in the festivities.
The Polish Heritage Center Inc.
Ashton,Nebraska  Nebraska's ONLY
Polish Center
Polish Home Omaha, Nebraska
Polish Heritage Center Facebook Link
Growing response to the PHC building
fund $100,000 pleadge drive. Earmarked
cash and pledges are well over $10,000! .

Mail in your pledge form today. With your
help the new center addition will become
a reality.Polish Heritage Center Capitol
Fund Drive$100,000 Campaign Pledge

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Christmas Eve. Celebration  
December  6th 2015   ...a time of
sharing and learning  

On Christmas eve, Polish Christian families to
gather for a special meal called a Wigilia to
commemorate the birth of the Christ child.  
The Polish Heritage Center Inc. in Ashton, NE
is sponsoring  an educational re-enactment of
this meal on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015 at 5:00 PM
at the St. Francis Parish Hall. Participation is
limited to the first 120 people.
The meal is meatless and is served in several
courses. Fr. David Rykwalder from Bridgeport
NE.will be hosting and narrating the event. It is
hoped many families may incorporate some
of these traditional rituals into their own
Christmas Eve celebrations. A reservation is
required. You will be asked to bring a food
item chosen from a list of foods There is no
charge for the meal but a free will offering will
be taken to defray some of the expense.
Christmas is a time for good will, love,
harmony, forgiveness and peace. We invite
you to join us in this wonderful celebration.
For reservations call at Judene Jakubowski at
308-738-2217, or Phyllis Piechota at